Policy for Students with Disabilities

The Office of Disability Services (ODS), in conjunction with the Office of Academic Affairs' campus­wide administrative policy regarding the accommodations of students with disabilities, has two primary objectives: 1) to ensure compliance with Section 504 of the 1973 Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in regard to equal access for qualified students to academic programs; and 2) to uphold the academic integrity of UNO.When these two objectives are met, those students who qualify for services based on clear, comprehensive, and relevant documentation will receive those services or academic modifications for which they are legally entitled. 

ODS is considered the University's designated office for determining eligibility for services, reviewing and maintaining documentation, and recommending appropriate accommodations. Students, however, do not have to register with ODS in order to advocate for disability­related accommodations. For those instructors who have students with disabilities who choose not to register for services with ODS, and who request academic accommodations, ODS is available as a resource to verify eligibility and recommend appropriate accommodations. 

Part of this policy regulates the accommodative testing services. These accommodations are made available in the ODS Accommodative Testing and Adaptive Technology Center (ATATC), located in the Library Room 120. The breakdown of responsibility for ensuring efficient and secure accommodative testing in the ATATC is as follows: 

Registered ODS students should: 

1. Request from ODS in writing Accommodation Agreements each semester. 

2. Set up appointments to meet with each instructor each semester to discuss accommodations and complete agreements. 

3. Ensure each party involved receives their copy of the Agreement. 

4. Complete Student Section of the Accommodative Testing Form for each test. 

5. Arrive promptly at the ATATC and follow test proctor's instructions. 


1. Discuss accommodations with student at appointment. 

2. Sign appropriate sections of the agreement and retain specified copy.

3. Complete Instructor Section of the Accommodative Testing Form for scheduled test.

4. Notify the ATATC if test needs to be modified. 

5. Arrange for test to be delivered to the ATATC. 


1. Maintain secured testing file for each registered student with completed contracts.

2. Assist in resolution of instructor/student disagreements as it relates to ODS. 

3. Initiate appeals procedures when disagreements cannot be resolved. 

4. Maintain updated schedule of tests based on returned Accommodative Testing Form.

5. Ensure testing integrity and security. 

6. Return tests to instructor when student does not arrive at scheduled time.

7. Promptly deliver completed tests to instructors. 

8. Make training available to departments upon request.