Smoking Policy


The purpose of AP 5.2 is to outline the policy on smoking that will apply at the University of New Orleans. 


Article VII, Section 4 of the Bylaws and Regulations of the Board of Super­visors of the Louisiana State University System.

General Policy 

A. Smoking is prohibited in all facilities of the University of New Orleans, including:

1. Cafeterias and lunchrooms 
2. Classrooms 
3. Restrooms 
4. Shared workplaces 
5. Meeting rooms 
6. Hallways
7. Stairwells 
8. Indoor athletic facilities 
9. Customer service areas 
10. Outdoor stairwells, landings and corridors 
11. University owned and operated vehicles 
12. Any area where a fire or safety risk exists

B. Smoking is permitted: 

1. In residential facilities as designated in their policies 
2. Outdoors on the grounds at a distance not less than 10 feet from doorway 

C. Enforcement of this policy and settlement of disputes will be the responsibility of the person in charge of the office or building area affected.