Posting Signs and/or Fliers on Campus Policy

A student or organization wishing to post a sign on campus shall observe the following guidelines:

1. No student or organization may post or carry a sign on campus that:

a. involves nonpermissible solicitations; 
b. contains materials that are obscene, vulgar, libelous, or a form of harassment.

2. No object other than a sign may be posted on University property. 

3. Prior to the posting of a sign, the student or organization must: 

a. deposit with the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership a copy, photograph or description of the sign;
b. include on each sign the name of the student or student organization, as well as the date of posting or date of event; 
c. receive approval from the main office responsible for the building in which material will be posted, such as the dean, and provide a copy to the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership. 

4. A student or student organization shall remove each sign that was posted no later than 14 days after posting or attaching, or no later than 48 hours after the event has ended, whichever is earlier.

5. A student or student organization shall clean the area around which the sign was posted.

6. No person may remove a sign posted or attached in accordance with this policy without permission from the student or student organization that posted the sign or the University official who authorized the sign to be posted. 

7. All signs and flyers written in a foreign language must contain a translation in English and receive a stamp of approval from the Division of Student Affairs (MH 159).. 

8. Fliers may be posted on bulletin boards only. Posting on doors, windows, walls, etc. is not permitted. Bulletin boards are under the jurisdiction of the college, school, department, or administrative office that maintains it. A student or student organization must submit a request to the appropriate college, department, or administrative official for permission to use a bulletin board. 

9. Fliers and/or posters may be posted on any of the four Student Government kiosks on­campus. Signs will be removed twice a semester by Student Government or as the need arises.