Selling and Soliciting on Campus Policy

The University of New Orleans prohibits selling, soliciting and deliveries of personal orders in University buildings or on University grounds.

In order for a vendor to sell goods or services or to otherwise solicit business on the UNO campus, explicit permission is required either from the Vice President of Business Affairs or his/her designated agent. The Student Involvement and Leadership Office has been authorized to approve solicitations by a student organization.

Generally, state law and University policy prohibit the use of University facilities for private gain. University employees or others may not, therefore, use meeting rooms, classrooms, etc. to sell or to solicit orders. However, facilities such as the University Center meeting rooms may be rented for approved usage. 

External organizations may request to sell products on the campus; generally, such activities will be limited to formal "flea markets" or "fair" activities, at times and in locations specified by the University.

Representatives of companies providing approved employee benefits, e.g., tax sheltered annuities, supplemental medical insurance, etc. are encouraged to schedule group demonstrations at regular intervals. However, such providers are permitted to contact employees by phone to schedule individual appointments.

Individual departments which have not been designated as official University retail outlets are not authorized to sell products or services unless formally approved by the Office of Business Affairs and appropriate provisions for applicable sales taxes, insurance, etc., have been provided.