Distribution of Literature Policy

The University recognizes that the student's right as a citizen to speak and write freely is protected by the First Amendment. Printed material may be distributed on campus by a student or registered student organization in an orderly manner to those who wish to receive it as long as the material is not obscene, vulgar, libelous, or a form of harassment and is free from non­permissible solicitation. Distribution must be conducted so as not to interfere with free and unimpeded flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic, or to disturb or interfere with academic or institutional activities. Other procedures governing the distribution of literature on campus are as follows:

  1. All literature distributed on campus by a student or a student organization shall identify the student or organization distributing it.
  2. No student or student organization may distribute literature by accosting individuals or by hawking or shouting.
  3. No student or student organization may use the University's name or symbols in identifying the publisher of printed matter distributed on the campus without the express authorization of the University.
  4. A student organization distributing printed materials on campus shall clean the area around which the materials were distributed.
  5. All literature distributed must be in English.