Student Computer Usage Policy

UNO students are authorized to use University Computer Center (UCC) facilities for course related work and other educational purposes only. Use of UCC resources for other than educational purposes, especially for commercial or contract purposes, will result in the removal of the student's user names from all UCC computers. Possible judicial or legal action may also be in order. 

Other instances of system misuse that will result in removal of student's user names from all UCC computers include:

  • Unauthorized copying or distribution of UCC­ provided system and applications software (which will violate lease or purchase agreements, and lead to possible legal action against the student).
  • Use of another individual's account, or sharing of accounts.
  • Attempting to inspect or copy another user's programs or directory without permission.
  • Playing games, MUD'S, or interactive CHATTING (IRC, etc.) on the Internet.
  • Deliberately trying to damage system software or hardware.
  • Failure to cooperate with UCC staff.
  • Any attempt to create or import a program which circumvents system security or compromises data integrity;
  • In severe or repeated cases of misuse, judicial or legal procedures may be initiated. It should be noted that some cases of system misuse may involve violation of state statutes.
  • UCC reserves the right to inspect all information stored on UCC computers, including programs, data, and mail. However, due to the sensitive nature of certain data, exceptions may be made through prior written arrangements with the director. Keys to all encrypted files must be provided to the director upon request.
  • UCC reserves the right to limit or deny access to anyone using UCC facilities when privileges are abused.
  • UCC cannot guarantee the reliability of system hardware or system and application software. Therefore, UCC cannot assume responsibility for errors, damage, or lost time caused by program, network, or equipment malfunction. Since UCC relies to a large extent on untrained student help, responsibility cannot be assumed for any data or information lost due to human error, and must limit its responsibility to the replacement of any physical storage medium damaged through negligence.