Student Accountability and Advocacy

The Office of Student Accountability and Advocacy

University Center, Suite 248
Phone: 504-280-6222
Fax: 504-280-3975
Director, Student Accountability, Advocacy and Disability Services

Deliver UNO Parking and Traffic Ticket Appeals to Student Affairs,
UC 248

Your education is a process of honest inquiry. Your success, by its very nature, depends on your integrity. The basic philosophy of the UNO Student Code of Conduct is one of education. We encourage your growth and development as an individual through self control. We are committed to protecting your rights and the rights of others. If you feel that a University policy or your rights have been violated, seek help from our office. Policies governing members of the University community are outlined in the UNO Student Handbook and other official publications. The handbook is available in the Student Affairs Office and throughout the campus; it is also a good source of information on all aspects of campus life. Please do not hesitate call our office with any questions you may have.

Academic Dishonesty is considered a serious offense to the framework and structure of the University of New Orleans. It is expected that students adhere to all policies regarding the preservation of academic integrity and mitigate the opportunity to engage in academic dishonesty.

Student Assistance

The focus of Student Advocacy is that of providing students with helpful information concerning issues that affect them, whether on campus or off. By helping students understand the functions and inner workings of the university, the office attempts to improve students' self advocacy skills and conflict resolution skills.

Parking and Traffic Ticket Appeals

The purpose of the Parking and Traffic Regulations, as established by University Police, is to provide for fair and orderly parking and traffic flow for all faculty, staff, students and visitors to the University. We strongly encourage you to read and become familiar with the parking and traffic regulations established by University Police. If you are unsure about a parking lot or parking space, you may want to consider parking somewhere else instead of risking being issued a ticket.

If you feel that a ticket was issued in error, or if you believe the circumstances under which you parked in violation of the regulations, you can submit an appeal. It is strongly suggested that you review UNO parking regulations during your process of appeal. Please read the appeal form thoroughly and be sure to include any supporting documentation with the appeal.

Review UNO parking regulations