Parking and Traffic Ticket Appeals

The purpose of the Parking and Traffic Regulations, as established by University Police, is to provide for fair and orderly parking and traffic flow for all faculty, staff, students and visitors to the University. We strongly encourage you to read and become familiar with the parking and traffic regulations established by University Police. If you are unsure about a parking lot or parking space, you may want to consider parking elsewhere instead of taking the risk of being issued a ticket.

If you feel a ticket was issued in error or believe the circumstances under which you parked in violation of the regulations warrant consideration, you can submit an appeal. It is strongly suggested that you review the regulations during your process of appeal. Please complete the form in its entirety, read the appeal form thoroughly and include any supporting documentation with the appeal.

Detail and clarity are critical factors and should be included in any description or statement of appeal. Photos, documentation or other relevant materials must be submitted along with the appeal form and ticket copy.

Option 1: Appeals via Appeal Form

Submit an appeal form to UC 248 within 14 days of receipt or notification of the ticket, along with a copy of the violation.

Copies of this form are available at the University Police Counter in the Computer Center room 234,  UC 248 or on this site. To appeal, fully complete the form, attach a copy of the ticket and all other relevant documentation and submit the form to UC 248.


Option 2: Appeals via Email

Send an e-mail to within 14 days of receipt of the ticket, or notification of the ticket, along with a copy of the ticket.

The appellant must submit an email which must contain the following information:

  • name of the appellant (must be the person to whom the ticket was issued)
  • UNO ID number
  • COPY of the ticket
  • UNO parking decal number
  • Current mailing address
  • Email address (if a UNO student, faculty or staff, this must be a UNO email address)
  • Telephone number
  • Reason for the appeal
  • Pertinent attachments (i.e. photographs, documentation of vehicle repair, etc.)

Appeals based on the following are not acceptable

  • Ignorance of the regulations
  • Stated inability to find a permitted parking space
  • Operation of the vehicle by another person
  • Stated failure of UNO PD to ticket previously for similar offenses
  • Inability to pay the assessed fine
  • Disagreement with the Parking and Traffic Regulations

Only the person to whom the vehicle is registered, or the operator of the vehicle at the time the ticket was issued, can submit the appeal.

A letter outlining the decision will be mailed to non-UNO community members (faculty, staff or students) or emailed to UNO community members usually within fourteen (14) days of the submission of the appeal.

If the appeal is denied, tickets must be paid at the Bursar's Office within fourteen (14) calendar days of the ticket or be subject to a one-time $5.00 late fee. If the appeal is granted, a full refund will be made or applied to your UNO account through the Bursar's Office. Any payment or refund inquiries should be made to the Bursar's Office.