Service with Jazz

August's Honoree, Roy Robertson

Congratulations Roy Robertson, Property Control Manager for being selected as the Employee of the Month for August 2015!

Stephen Kolz, Director of Materials Management says "Roy Robertson is a GREAT EMPLOYEE and a tremendous asset to the University of New Orleans!!!

Roy exceeds the goals and responsibilities of his position and is recognized as an expert in his field. Roy is a self-starter who completes his work thoroughly, accurately and amazingly fast. He requires almost no direction and supervision and is an exceptional performer. Roy is extremely reliable. He knows the requirements of his job and performs them each and every day to the fullest. He is prompt and always makes sure his duties are covered even when absent or on leave.

Roy uses exceptional judgment in his work and is great at analyzing situations and independently solving problems in innovative ways, keeping customer service at the forefront. Although he works in a field that is highly regulated at the State level, he always looks for (and is usually successful in finding) ways to make things easier and more efficient for his customers, UNO's faculty and staff.

Roy is honest, trustworthy and can be counted on to do his job, regardless of difficulties and hardships. If Roy commits to doing something, you can count on it being completed.

Roy is the head of a great team. He always motivates his people to work as an effective team. He is an excellent leader, fair and unbiased.

Roy is a generous team player and will go out of his way to help others. He displays great customer service. He identifies client's needs and then promptly, accurately and thoroughly follows through to meet those needs. He always demonstrates a positive attitude, accepts challenges and overcomes obstacles. Roy and his staff are continually receiving emails praising their cooperative spirits and testifying as to how they go above and beyond the call of their duties to help departments complete tasks and solve problems.

Roy maintained a professional attitude through drastic staffing cuts to his area caused by the University's budget shortages last year.

Roy is a loyal and dedicated UNO employee. He is honest, neat, willing to admit mistakes and accept responsibility for his actions. However, he seldom makes mistakes. Roy anticipates and prepares for long range challenges and opportunities. He develops goals, priorities and time tables necessary to successfully accomplish projects within budget.

Roy always has cost containment and efficiency in mind as he performs his duties for UNO. Roy has a very tight budget but manages to get the job done by being efficient and creative."