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Service with Jazz

November's honoree, Reagan Laiche

Reagan Laiche

Congratulations to Reagan Laiche, Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Student Affairs. She was selected the University of New Orleans “Service with Jazz” Employee of the Month.

Reagan was awarded this award due to her scholastic achievement, dedication, and passion for bettering the UNO community. For over 10 years, Reagan has demonstrated excellent, sustained, and selfless service to the university both within the College of Education and Human Development and the Office of Student Affairs.

Dale O’Neill, Director, Student Involvement & Leadership says, “As the Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Student Affairs, Reagan has dedicated countless hours supporting programs that further the development of UNO students. She understands the importance of developing the student as a whole, both inside and outside the classroom.”

Christy Heaton, Associate Director, Enrollment Services says, “Prior to working within the Office of Student Affairs, she worked as an Academic Advisor within the College of Education and Human Development. Reagan created an inclusive and welcoming learning environment for students. Many would agree that she is an invaluable professional due to her strong work ethic and optimistic personality that students and other professionals naturally gravitate to.”

Two characteristics that make Reagan unique are her work ethic and her empathetic nature. She is always willing to lend a helping hand and is constantly brainstorming ways to enhance her work environment. She has gone above and beyond to help the staff within Student Affairs and Enrollment Management. Reagan cares about others and is steadfast in creating an environment where all can feel at home at UNO.