Service with Jazz

October 2014, Norma Mukherjee

Norma Mukherjee

Congratulations Norma Mukherjee, Assistant to the Dean of the Library for being selected as the October Service with Jazz Employee of the Month!

Dean Sharon Mader says “Norma deserves to be recognized as Employee of the Month because she is a true model of what an outstanding employee should be.  She not only exemplifies the best of Service with Jazz within the Library, but also serves as a shining example for the University.  She always does her job with an eye to how to make things better for everyone she deals with, and her daily unspoken goal is to create the best possible image for the Library and for the University through the service and interactions we provide. In the Library, she is the cog in the center of the wheel, the one who has her finger on the pulse of everything so that things run as smoothly as possible.”

Associate Dean Lora Amsberryaugier says “Norma works hard to develop and maintain a good rapport with all staff in all offices and departments on campus. Her ability to network helps the Library in that everyone is willing to come to our aid when needed and they are happy to do so. Other staff will go the extra mile for Norma because they know that she will do the same for them. Norma is the go to person in the Library when staff has questions about campus policies and procedures. She is able to steer them in the right direction for the answers if she doesn’t already know the answer herself.”