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Service with a Jazz

September's honoree, Linda Miller

Linda MillerCongratulations Linda Miller, Assistant to the Chair of Earth and Environmental Science on being selected as the September Service with Jazz Employee of the Month!

Dr. Martin O’Connell says “Linda understands the value of hard work.  Linda’s work performance shows that she is not just a typical ‘9-to-5’ worker.  She truly cares about the students and does her best to make sure they (our ‘customers’) are given the best treatment possible.  For example, when there is a problem with student scheduling or funding for a deserving graduate student, Linda is typically the first person to develop an innovative solution.  Through her actions over the years, she has gained the respect of both EES faculty and students.  The most common response when something is amiss in EES is, ‘Um, maybe we should talk to Linda about this.’  Linda is highly accountable and is in charge of our many research budgets, outside private donor accounts, and other internal funds.  She hates seeing funds wasted and always looks for the best deal for everyone: the students, the faculty, and the Department in general.”