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Service with Jazz

July 2015's honoree, Lawrence Jones

Congratulations Lawrence Jones! He was selected the University of New Orleans “Service with Jazz” Employee of the Month for July.

Chris Heroman and Chris Lazarine describe Mr. Lawrence as one of the first people they see on a daily basis in the University Center, UC. Mr. Lawrence is always extremely welcoming and willing to support any member of the UNO community. He works tirelessly to maintain the UC behind the scenes, going above and beyond his job to make sure that the University Center is a great place for students to relax and socialize. He is constantly improving the UC and the lives of the students who use the building. Mr. Lawrence always has a smile on his face and a kind word for everyone he meets. He’s always there to brighten everyone’s day, no matter how bad of a mood they might be in. Mr. Lawrence definitely represents the heart and soul of the university.

LeeAnne Sipe, Assistant Direct of Student Involvement and Leadership says, “Lawrence Jones is the heartbeat of the University Center-none of what happened in this building would be possible without his time and attention. His dedication to his work positively impacts every student organization who hosts meetings and programs in the University Center (which is most of 120+). He works behind the scenes to make our campus center inviting to students and guest alike.”

DeVonte’ Spencer, Student Worker, SIL says, “In my opinion, Mr. Lawrence is without a doubt the hardest worker on UNO’s campus! Mr. Lawrence never misses a day of work and is always early, rain or shine. Every morning he has a positive attitude and he treats everyone with the utmost respect. I have come to know Mr. Lawrence very well because he is the first person that I see when I go to work and he is always there to open the office doors for me when I need. At times, I complain when I have to get up for work at 8 am and then I see Mr. Lawrence up earlier than I am with a smile on his face (as he greets me with “what’s up pop, good morning, good morning”). The things that he does on a daily basis in the UC, getting rooms prepared for events, moving things around, hanging the flags from the UC, yet he never complains! Mr. Lawrence is the epitome of what it means to be a humble, hard working person and someone in which I appreciate and admire!”