Service with Jazz

July's honoree, Jessica Heyl

 jessica heyl

Lindsey Reno says, "Jessica Heyl has been instrumental in helping the Library maintain its essential functions. Always willing to lend a hand, Jessica continually volunteers to help with projects throughout the Library. She has shown a willingness to take on new duties when needed. She repairs books by hand that we don't have the funds to replace. She staffs the circulation desk on a regular basis, but also makes sure that other staff members have an opportunity to take a break, without being asked. She works tirelessly at cataloging and catalog clean-up projects to make sure that our students can find the resources that they need for their research. Jessica has always been very reliable and diligent in her work. In a time when everyone feels over-worked, it means a lot to me that I can rely on her to always help where she is needed."

Dean Amsberryaugier says, "The Library has undergone significant staffing changes in the past two years and Ms. Heyl has been an important reason that the Library continues to be able to provide the services that our campus expects. Besides her cataloging duties, she now provides reference and circulation assistance at the Library's Services Desk, she is responsible for preparing reserve material for classes due to the long-term illness of another staff member, she willingly took over re-shelving and managing the materials we didn't have the capacity to shelf during the absence of another staff member. She did all these extra duties as a matter of course because that is the type of person she is. She steps up to help where needed, never asking what's in it for her, because she is a team player and takes pride in the work we do as partners in the research and teaching mission of the University."

Jeanne Pavy says, "Jessica has risen to the occasion and performed far beyond her job description. She has taken on several new duties over the past year, sometimes with very little notice, and she has continued to perform at a very high level, with an unwaveringly positive attitude. She stepped up to fill in shifts at the Circulation Desk and has taken over processing Course Reserves when the primary staff person in that unit went out on long-term sick leave. The renovation of the Library's fourth floor has necessitated the move of large collections of materials and Jessica has pitched in, uncomplainingly, to manage and actually do the grunt work involved with that move."