Service with Jazz

May's Nominee, Jeanne Guimond


jeanneDr. Wendy Schluter says, "Jeanne always goes above and beyond the call of duty. She answers emails after she leaves campus (evenings and weekends) and deals with anything that is important. She will go out of her way to solve problems for faculty and students. She helps faculty navigate travel and grant issues that are sometimes very complicated. She is very respectful and has a great working relationship with staff in other departments. When transfer students or newly admitted students call the departmental office with questions that do not pertain to biology, Jeanne will call other offices on the student's behalf to solve problems and get issues resolved.
Jeanne has been an important part of our STEM Scholars initiative for retention. She organizes our transition camps and makes our new freshman feel welcome. Jeanne also helps our department plan social gatherings to help develop a sense of community."