Service with Jazz

March's honoree, Denise Bauer Banks


Dr. John Wiley says, "Denise goes above and beyond the call when helping out students, faculty and staff. She is especially supportive of the students, trying to offer time and advice as well as working with student groups (e.g. Physics club). This includes helping with both organization and fundraising. She also has helped maintain one of the Science Building garden areas (south garden), even coming in on weekends (she lives an hour away In MS) to help with weeding, planting, mulching, etc. She also at the same time recruited Physics club members and faculty to come in on some Saturdays to also help with the effort. Further, with the loss of staff she has taken on extra duties without extra compensation. For example, last year Chemistry's support staff left the university and Denise has stepped up to help with various paperwork issues including student and faculty appointments. In one instance she was exceptionally helpful with one of the international students, taking them downtown to get a social security card. On a personal level, she is a wonderfully kind and bubbly person that will give you a straight assessment. She is extremely well liked by all the students, staff and faculty. She is more than deserving of this recognition."