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Service with Jazz

June's honoree, David Lambour

David Lambour

David helps students with a professionalism that helps the students feel appreciated and supported as they achieve their dreams. David has a passion for the work he does that uplifts the students and the university exemplified by his arriving early and leaving late. He always stands ready to meet the needs of staff, faculty and students, with reliable and useful information or with problem solving a situation.
• Faithfulness to his job, which uplifts students in their graduate education.
• Resources staff, students and faculty to fulfill their needs
• He knows each student in the program and keeps up with their progress and finds ways to augment their academic growth- he is an advocate and champion of the students academic wellbeing
• Resourceful about the university and the physical plant in order to connect the resources to faculty/staff and students
• Knowledgeable about the over-all university and can interpret its mission and goals to who ever he meets
• Promotes the university in the community and region
• He has assisted in recruiting potential applicants/students, as well as assisting current students and alums.
• By attending his duties with such exemplar service, he attracts students by showing the university cares about them in every step of the application process
• David has served on the Staff Council and on the Student Accountability hearings.
• Personifies service to the world community through his unselfish work with medical travel- volunteer courier, helping to deliver bone marrow and stem cells to donors-
• Overall – he helps give life to the campus and to the community through his dedication, passion and his unselfish giving of his talents and skills.
His service is with "Jazz" and I do hope the university can recognize his dedication.