Service with Jazz

June's honoree, Carol Short 


Dr. Bethany Stich says, "Carol Short goes above and beyond to work with current and prospective Master of Science in Transportation students. She will arrange her schedule to meet with theirs even if they aren't during university hours or if she has to meet them off campus. Carol regularly returns email on weekends and evenings. She also has used her considerable connections to try to find our students jobs while they're attending school.

As for an innovator, Carol is extremely artistic, a great advantage to the Institute with designing the banner, fliers, and other promotional materials.

Ms. Short is well thought of by members in the transportation community as well as the UNO community at large. When we travel to DC she always makes a great impression on legislators, key community members, and members of the UNOTI Board of Directors. She is also a volunteer at the museum of modern art here in New Orleans, and has been awarded an outstanding volunteer award from East Jefferson Hospital for her good works.

Carol, Tara, Delinda, Jim and I, as well as the graduate students in UNOTI, all work well as a team and Carol is the key to keeping communication open and flowing throughout UNOTI. As an employee you know if you need something you can go to Carol and she is more than happy to help. Carol is also the primary UNOTI contact for outreach and she works to provide UNOTI personnel to assist our industry and professional association partners with table staffers and lecturers at all of our outreach events."