Service with Jazz

LeeAnee Sipe

LeeAnne Sipe

Ms.Sipe is one of those type of employees who are the first to show up at work and the last to leave. Her love for UNO shines with everything she does and she strives to help the university and the students be the best they can be. As Student Government's advisor, she knew one of our goals was to help our image be more approachable and appreciative. To help us achieve this goal she suggested we host a dinner to show our appreciation for faculty and staff. She helped us plan the event and we named it Proud Privateers. The event was very successful and wouldn't have happened without the help from Ms. Sipe.

Another problem Student Government has sometimes is that we get so caught up in our jobs that we lose sight of the fact that we are dealing with people and sometimes that may cause us to be disrespectful to one another. Ms. Sipe has a nice way of bringing us back down to earth and respect each other and each other's views. Not only does she help us be respectful, but she also is an example for us, as she is very respectful and professional at all times. I know, personally, before I send an important e-mail I will have her read it for her opinion of my tone and professionalism in the e-mail.

Ms. Sipe has helped the Student Government as a team tremendously. Just recently we had our first in recent history, executive member/office staff retreat. She organized and planned the entire thing for us. This retreat helped the executives and office staff bond as a team and see what type of leader each of us are and how we work well together.

During our lovely era of budget cuts, Ms. Sipe has taught us how to make things work under tight budgets. She can make anything work given a budget. If you walked through the UC during homecoming week, you wouldn't have even noticed that we were on a budget because it looked so nice, welcoming, and spirited. I think if she was a superhero, that would be her super power.

Ms. Sipe is an incredible person, as an employee, an advisor, a mentor, and a leader. She is what it means to be UNO Proud and she inspires those around her to be the best Privateer we could possibly be!