Student Involvement


Students who enroll in service learning courses commit to completing designated service work integrated into the classroom environment. UNO encourages socially conscious students already enrolled at UNO as well as incoming freshmen with service learning experience to become service-learning leaders. Moreover, UNO invites students from universities throughout the country who seek unique experiences to fulfill their service learning requirements in New Orleans, one of America’s culturally and historically singular cities.

UNO provides an academic environment that cultivates and graduates leaders ready to continue their service in communities within Southeast Louisiana, throughout the United States, or across the world.

Who Can Enroll?

Current students should speak with faculty advisors and visit the Office of Service Learning. Incoming freshmen should express interest in service learning with the Office of Admissions and make an appointment to talk with service learning staff. Transfer students from other universities who are interested in spending one or more semesters at UNO engaged in service learning will need to talk to the Office of Admissions and to the service learning staff before enrolling in service learning courses at UNO.

Freshman students, contact your first year advisor
All other students, contact your academic advisor

Service Learning Application

Fill out the service learning application - coming soon
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