Health and Eldercare

Developing awareness, support, research and change amongst our community’s major public health challenges including mental health and eldercare

Communities face many health challenges including cancer, low birth weight in babies, depression, obesity, teenage pregnancy, tobacco use, substance use and abuse, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, and STDs. The health topic focuses on developing awareness, support, programs and change amongst our community’s major health challenges as well as to develop awareness, support and more research in the areas of mental health and disorders including autism, down syndrome, and dyslexia. Elder care, an umbrella term that encompasses care and services associate with the elderly, is also part of this topic. While the segment of the population of individuals over the age of 65 only equates to about 5 percent, people within this demographic utilize the largest among of health care resources, and this number is estimated to increase as the post-war baby boomer generation approaches retirement. Topics within elder care include geriatric medicine and care, depression, and aging in place (the concept of living independently in one’s own home safely and comfortably irrespective of age, income or level of ability).

Ways to Get Involved

  • Volunteer with mental health and health nonprofit organizations in your community
  • Advocate for socially just practices for people with disabilities, disorder and delays
  • Teach a health or fitness course at a local community center, school or place of worship
  • Volunteer with organizations that support individuals with disabilities or long-term illnesses and their families (Including: Ronald McDonald House and ARC)
  • Learn about elder care options in your community and help to support, promote, advocate and sustain these options
  • Volunteer to teach a workshop or class on a topic of interest to the elderly and senior citizens in your community
  • Participate in awareness campaigns and events for health issues important to you
  • Raise funds for disease research and prevention
  • Advocate for healthy living practices in your community including
  • Support individuals you know who may be experiencing mental health problems, or another illness, disorder or delay
  • Complete research that explores the root causes, driving forces, and need changes in health problems your community faces