Animal Rights and Welfare

Related Community Organizations

Addressing the conservation, protection, and rights for animals in our local, regional, national and global community

Animal rights and welfare is an important and varied topic within our local, regional, national and global community. Animal issues include many topics including: the trade and sale of fur and endangered species, pet protection, threats to wildlife, wildlife abuse and captivity, wildlife management, factory farming, animal cruelty and fighting. Organizations like PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), zoos, the human society and wildlife conservation efforts are sometimes at odds regarding their principles, values, and methods; however all of these organizations have extensive histories focused on fighting for animals rights and welfare.

Ways to Get Involved

  • Volunteer at a local animal shelter
  • Advocate for humane practices for testing products and support organizations that promote non-testing on animals
  • Teach workshops on pet training and handling
  • Volunteer with a local zoo, aquarium, insectarium, or sanctuary
  • Learn about pet therapy and work animals and volunteer with organizations who use approaches you support
  • Advocate for sustaining and improving local animal shelters and just practices
  • Learn about spay and neutering practices and animal adoption procedures and advocate for any changes you believe should be implemented
  • Support the preservation of natural wildlife habitats
  • Learn about regulations against particular animal breeds, size or types and advocate for any changes you think should be made in your local, regional or national community
  • Research organizations that fight for animals rights and welfare and help support issues that you believe are important
  • Explore “humane” meat classifications and support purchasing and eating practices based on your values and interests
  • Find documentaries, articles and books about factory farming and fishing practices and share stories you like with your friends and family