Internal Grant Program

Tenured or tenure-track faculty and retained instructors can apply for the ORSP internal grant programs which are reviewed and ranked by Research Council:

Stimulating Competitive Research (SCoRe) - The goal of the SCoRe award is to enhance the UNO faculty's ability to successfully compete for extramural sponsored research funding. The SCoRe award is intended as seed money for faculty to develop a new area of research activity.

Creative Endeavor Opportunity (CEO) - The goal is to provide support for faculty to launch programs of research, scholarship, exhibition or performance that will ultimately result in increased research and creative activity on campus.

Interdisciplinary Grant Development (IGD) - This program is new for FY17. It requires the participation of 2 - 3 departments and the deliverable is an interdisciplinary grant proposal to a federal agency.

LEEP (Leveraging External Expertise Program ) *NEW PROGRAM ADDED IN SEPTEMBER 2017*- This program supports visits to UNO by external scholars, researchers, or artists in order to enrich the campus, improve scholarly productivity, or enhance the university reputation.  Projects will involve short-term visits to UNO by external experts in any appropriate format, such as college wide or campus wide seminars, participation in UNO run symposia, or workshops to enhance student or faculty productivity in a specific discipline or area of competence.  Additional formats are possible as long as the project clearly contributes to advancing the university mission.  One or more experts may be involved in a single visit or across multiple visits (e.g. a seminar series).