Internal Grant Program

Tenured or tenure-track faculty and retained instructors can apply for the ORSP internal grant programs which are reviewed and ranked by Research Council.  Eligible UNO faculty and research employees are encouraged to apply for one of these awards as a means of honing their grant-making skills, and for the purpose of developing new areas of research or scholarly endeavors.

The forms and guidelines are available on the ORSP IGP SharePoint site.

Proposal Announcement to Campus:  
August 17, 2018
Deadline for ORSP Routing Form & Proposal Documents:
October 19, 2018
Review by Research Council:     
November 2018

Announce Awardees Achievements in Research, Creativity & Scholarship (ARCS) event:  

January 23, 2019
  1. CEO (Creative Endeavor Opportunity)
     The goal is to provide support for faculty to launch programs of research, scholarship, exhibition or performance that will ultimately result in increased research and creative activity on campus. Budget Cap: $10,000

  2. SCoRe (Stimulating Competitive Research) Specific external grant opportunities that will be applied to as a result of the internal award should be listed in the proposal.

    General example – will apply for NSF funding

    Specific example – one proposal I plan to apply for is NSF Innovative Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers (ITEST) with an annual deadline of the second Wednesday in August 

    • A.Traditional SCoRe - The goal of the SCoRe award is to enhance the UNO faculty’s ability to successfully compete for extramural sponsored research funding. Budget Cap: $15,000. 
    • B.SCoRE for Release Time - The proposal format and requirement will be the same as the Traditional SCoRe award. However, adjunct salary may be budgeted during the academic year to a course release for the PI. Budget Cap: $15,000
  3. IGD (Interdisciplinary Grant Development)

    This program requires participation from two or more colleges or departments. The aim of the program is to stimulate fundable, interdisciplinary research across disciplines that are substantially distinct. Budget Cap: The maximum funding for this program will be $17,500 per investigator with up to three investigators allowed per project.

  4. LEEP (Leveraging External Expertise Program)

    This program supports visits to UNO by external scholars, researchers, or artists in order to enrich the campus, improve scholarly productivity, or enhance the university reputation.  Projects will involve short-term visits to UNO by external experts in any appropriate format, such as college wide or campus wide seminars, participation in UNO run symposia, or workshops to enhance student or faculty productivity in a specific discipline or area of competence.  Additional formats are possible as long as the project clearly contributes to advancing the university mission.  One or more experts may be involved in a single visit or across multiple visits (e.g. a seminar series).  Budget Cap: $3,500.  Applicants are encouraged to seek additional matching funds from departments, colleges, centers/institutes or other on or off campus constituents. Note: This program was added in FY18.

  5. Collaborative Research or Creative Visit to Austria or France

    In order to stimulate research collaborations between UNO and institutions in Austria or France, the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs anticipates funding one or more collaborative visits of 1-6 weeks by a UNO PI to an institution in Austria or France in 2019.  During this visit, the PI will develop collaborations and/or conduct research with an appropriate professor or professional collaborator.  Proposals will be reviewed internally at UNO and competitively awarded.  While funding is open to all disciplines, successful proposals will clearly demonstrate capacity for building UNO reputation, creating unique products, or developing future external funding opportunities.  Budget Cap: $5,500.  Applicants are encouraged to seek additional matching funds from off campus constituents, including for student exchanges. Note: This program is new for FY19.

  6. Enhancing Departmental Undergraduate Retention (ENDUR)

    Student retention and success is essential for university success.  Departments are invited to submit proposals for enhancing undergraduate retention.  Awards will be for two years.  Projects should describe innovative approaches based on previously published evidence.  Adaptation of programs from other disciplines or universities is an acceptable approach.  Proposals must clearly demonstrate expected success and utilize appropriate metrics.  The ratio of impact to cost (student retention increase per dollar spent) will be a key factor in proposal evaluation.   Budget Cap: $80,000 over two years.. Applicants are encouraged to seek additional matching funds from on or off campus constituents.  This program is jointly funded by the Office of Research, Office of the Provost, and the Office of the President. Note: This program is new for FY19.

Note: This proposal package is modeled after the Board of Regents process and will be submitted on the ORSP routing form in the same manner as an external award.