Alumni Success Stories

Andrew Dugue LAMPAndrew Dugue, Contract Allocator

Osahon Eribo LAMPOsahon Eribo, Electronic Engineer and Project Manager

Carissa Flowers LAMPCarissa Flowers, Financial Analyst

Mesfin Getaneh LAMPMesfin Getaneh, Patent Examiner

Jeff Josiah LAMPJeff Josiah, Senior Electrical Engineer

David Tumblin LAMPDavid Tumblin, Project Manager

Natalia Varona LAMPSydeaka Waston PhD, Assistant Professor of Research in BioStatistics




Sydeaka Watson LAMPNatalia Serra Varona, Static Mechanical Engineer

Harry Borden, MSAP '06

Participated in NASA GSRP fellowship program.

Randy Justin PhD, Geology '07

Finished PhD from Penn State University in Earth Science (2012)

Daphne Meza, ME '12

Joined graduate studies in Biology at Purdue University.

Jolene Robin, EE '03, Applied Physics '04

Finishing Ph.D. at Stanford University in GeoSciences (spring 2013) will be joining Conoco Phillips in Houston, TX.

Catherine Silva, Biology '07

Joined graduate studies in Biology at Purdue University.

Abbie Wood PhD, Physics '05

Completed PhD in Medical Physics from University of Chicago (currently Medical Physicist at M. D. Anderson)