Student Research

Students involved in different types of research

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs is committed to research involving both undergraduate and graduate students. The mission of student research is to engage all students in research across all disciplines. The goals of the Office of Research are to:

  1. Introduce students, regardless of discipline, to research: the search or discovery of new information through creative and scholarly works.
  2. Provide the mechanisms for students to search for research funding opportunities.

Center for Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research programs allow students to explore the unknown through hands-on work, which transcends the classroom, with faculty mentors.

Contact Us

Administration Bldg.  Room 1005 Phone: 504-280-7153 

The Center for Undergraduate Research was established to:

  • Facilitate collaboration among undergraduate students and faculty;    
  • Promote undergraduate research to internal and external audiences;    
  • Encourage new initiatives to create and enhance undergraduate research opportunities.

Programs and Initiatives:


The Privateer Undergraduate Research and Scholarly UNO Experience will provide students a mechanism to find faculty research mentors. Selected students will be awarded with student worker positions to work on their projects.


Each spring all UNO undergraduate students who have conducted independent research, and who have a faculty sponsor/recommendation, are invited to participate. Students present their research in various formats including oral presentations, poster sessions, performances, scholarly and creative work, and art displays.