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Centers of Excellence


A Center of Excellence is uniquely focused and specific in its designation. It may consist of a unit, program, or functional area that, as a Center, is accountable to higher expectation of performance and productivity, including contributions to the body of knowledge and to economic development, placement of graduates, generation of external interest and support, formation of joint ventures and partnerships, and positive recognition of the area and its faculty and students. If not the sole provider of education and research in the focus area, the designated Center is recognized as a leader in the field and a concentration of expertise.

A Center of Excellence must demonstrate that it is a statewide leader in the area of designation and must address how it does so in a proposal to the Board of Regents. With designation as a Center of Excellence comes the responsibility for leadership within the state and, if applicable, beyond. Implied in the designation is a commitment to concentrate and build on this strength by advancing knowledge and skills, thereby creating better opportunities for the citizens of the State. The Center will be expected to serve as a resource to support similar programs offered by other institutions.

A Center of Excellence should have the following attributes:

  • The Center has a strong performance record and advances the strategic goals of the institution.

  • The Center is designated by and focused on an area of education, training or research relevant to the State’s needs. This area is clearly and finitely defined, avoiding overly broad descriptions or goals.

  • The Center provides a range of academic, training and/or research opportunities in its area of expertise. The programs should be nationally accredited, when applicable.

  • The Center is engaged with the greater community; its programs focus on addressing current issues and provide opportunities to improve the quality of life of Louisiana citizens.

  • The Center is a hallmark of the institution. Though not necessarily the only source of education, training, research, and/or economic development in the topical area, the Center is recognized as uniquely strong in its focal area.

There are three types of statewide Centers of Excellence to emphasize:

Senior Staff will review proposals and make recommendations to the Academic Affairs Committee during a regular Board meeting. To ensure that the applicant is fully and best qualified for the designation, staff may seek input from Chief Academic Officers and/or call together a team of consultants from system offices, institutions, or relevant agencies to review proposals and conduct interviews with campus teams, as applicable. At the agency’s discretion, additional recommendations may be sought from external reviewers.

Renew Center Status - Academic Affairs Policy 2.05A Board of Regents Proposal for Continued Designation as a Center of Excellence

The new Center must submit an annual self-review/assessment until awarded full approval, which may be granted for a period of up to five years. To renew as a Center of Excellence, the BoR has a form to be completed and submitted. Your renewal must be submitted on this form:

For additional information, visit the BoR website on Centers of Excellence: