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The appeal process starts at the Registrar's Office.  If you are appealing for a previous semester, the Retro Appeals Committee has to vote on the appeal and the Committee meets once a month.  The limit for a retro appeal is 1 year.  Any appeals filed for the current semester will be resolved
through the Registrar's Office.

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The University of New Orleans strictly adheres to its published policies, procedures, and deadlines. The University of New Orleans recognizes that serious, extenuating circumstances may prevent a student from adhering to the established policies, procedures, and deadlines of the University. Forgetfulness and ignorance are not acceptable considerations.  The burden of proof in documenting these circumstances falls upon the student making the appeal.  Students should understand that a result of the appeal could affect their Financial Aid and for clarification, students should seek guidance from the Office of Financial Aid before submitting an appeal.
In addition to providing supporting documentation from external entities such as doctors, attorneys, psychiatrists, social workers, etc., students might also be directed to their College, instructors, and advisors for additional information regarding their last date of attendance, advising history, general attendance, or other pertinent administrative or academic information.


For additional information regarding Appeals, see University Regulations within the University Catalog.

The Appeals Process at UNO is as follows:

  1. Download appeal form from the University Registrar's website.

  2. Submit completed appeal with documentation to the Registrar's Office, Privateer Enrollment Center.

  3. Student notified by the Registrar's Office of the resolution of the appeal or request for additional information.

For further questions, you may contact the Registrar's Office at (504) 280-6226 or email:
Appeal Policy
What is it for?

Designed to adjust enrollment actions when students miss published deadlines due to extenuating circumstances (medical emergencies, mental health problems, etc.)- Forgetfulness is not an extenuating circumstance.

  • Effective date based on last date of attendance (LDOA) regardless of circumstance.
  • Cannot change LDOA date in our system for any reason.
  • Students are responsible for all fees or repayment of refunds incurred through processing appeals.
  • Students may get a refund of tuition and fees dependent on LDOA, but it is not guaranteed.
  • We cannot change any information after a degree is conferred.
  • There are no medical or mental health withdrawals which allow for a full refund of tuition and fees. See Bursar’s refund policy at .
What students CAN appeal?
  • Late drop/withdrawal request to last date of attendance due to reasons which prevented the student from successfully completing the semester (medical, mental health, etc.)
    • MUST have supporting documentation to continue with the appeal process
    • All or none policy- Cannot choose between courses to keep and drop. It is understood that if the situation is truly extenuating and outside of the student’s control, it would affect the whole of their enrollment and not just one or two classes.
    • Cannot backdate past the student’s last date of attendance in any class.
    • Only for situations which were beyond a student’s control.
  • Situations where something prevented a student from withdrawing from classes before the set drop dates (hospitalization without computer access, etc.)
    • MUST have supporting documentation to continue with this appeal which states exactly that.
  • Late add/swap due to registration issues outside of student’s control (registration holds, changing work schedules, advising issues, etc.)
    • Must provide a letter from the Instructor of Record that they approve the addition to their class. This is to make sure that the student has not missed so much work that the addition would place them in jeopardy of failing.
  • Adjustment in credit hours
    • Professor must verify the student did appropriate coursework for the hours requested
  • Change grading basis from credit to audit and vice versa
  • A scholastic drop
What students CANNOT appeal?
  • Not intended for students to get around SAP requirements.
    • “F” and “W” count the same towards attempted/earned ratio for financial aid.
    • A “W” does not affect the GPA.
    • Please note that this appeal process is academic in nature and is not the same thing as an SAP Appeal for federal aid.  Please visit the UNO Student Financial Aid website for information regarding a SAP Appeal at
  • Not for grade changes.
  • Not for removing failing grades as a result of issues during the semester.
    • If the student took finals that is the grade they earned. The student attended until the end.
  • Not to drop because student didn’t know drop/withdrawal dates- important dates posted on Registrar’s website at
  • Cannot drop classes because students realize they are failing and want to avoid it.
  • Cannot drop only one or a few classes, all or none policy- see above.
  • Cannot appeal book fees and/or housing fees.
Retroactive Academic Appeals
  • 1 year deadline for filing a retroactive appeal. Time begins after final day of classes for the semester being appealed.
  • Goes through the normal appeal process, then it is reviewed by the Committee for Student Retroactive Academic Actions (meets once a month)
  • Only allowable for same reasons as above