Apostille Process/Certificates of Authentication

Some foreign governments or institutions require diplomas, transcripts or degree verifications to have a certification of authentication or apostille.

For more information, please visit: Louisiana Secretary of State

To request this process for documents from the University of New Orleans, please:

  1. Send a request to graduation@uno.edu with your name and degree, and some type of identifying information such as your student number, your birth date or the last 4 digits of your social security number. 
    • Ask to reprint your diploma(s) to go through the apostille process. We print out the diploma(s) and authenticate it with our seal.
    • If you also/only need a degree verification letter, specify that, and we will print it and authenticate it with our seal. 
    • If you also need to request your transcript, please follow the instructions on the following website: http://www.uno.edu/registrar/transcript.aspx. Mention in the email to graduation@uno.edu that you have done so, so that we can mail the diploma/letter and transcript together.
  2. Fill out the Authentication Request Form that is linked on the Secretary of State website, and scan the completed form to graduation@uno.edu. The form includes a fee of $20 per document (charged by the Secretary of State).

Website -Louisiana Secretary of State Notary and Certifications

Form - Authentication Request Form

  1. At the same time, decide how you wish it to be mailed back to you. We will provide a first-class envelope with postage to the Secretary of State if you wish it to be mailed to you by regular mail. If you wish it to be mailed to you by Priority/Express mail, or if you wish it to be mailed by FedEx, UPS or DHL, you will need to either create the label and scan/email it to us so that we can include it in your envelope to the Secretary of State, or give us your FedEx/UPS account number and we will write out the label with that information..

We then send your authenticated documents, your Secretary of State form, and a return envelope or your postage label if you provided one, to the Secretary of State office. They certify (provide an apostille) for the diploma, certifying both the official document and our authentication, and mail it to the address you provide on the Secretary of State form.

We generally mail out the diploma and form to the Secretary of State within 2 days of receiving everything. The Secretary of State website says that once they receive it, they generally process and mail out the apostilled documents within 2-3 days.