Substitution/Adjustment/Waiver Form

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Substitution/Waiver Form

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If students have completed degree requirement(s) via other means other than what is written in the catalog, an advisor can request that one of the following actions be done to the student's degree audit.


A substitution is a course taking the place of another course required by a curriculum. The relationship of a substitution is entirely one-to-one. A many-to-one relationship can be made by using a substitution and an Add a Course Adjustment. Under no circumstance can a one-to-many relationship exist.

Add a Course Adjustments

This adjustment is adding an additional course to a requirement. Add a Course Adjustment is typically used when a low amount of hours are transferred (i.e., quarter schools transferring in 2.66 credit hours). Before an Add a Course Adjustment can be used, the existing courses (or substituted courses) in the requirement must be completed.

Change Required Hours Adjustments

Change Required Hours Adjustment changes the hours required for a degree requirement. This does not adjust the number of total hours required for the degree, just the requirement. Because of this, the total difference between required hours and adjusted hours should be zero. This is used when hours for a course from another institution does not equal UNO's course, or when UNO is in the process of transitioning course hours in its own curriuclum.

Note: General Education Required Hours cannot be adjusted.


Waivers are rare instances where the academic dean determines that a requirement does not need to be taken because the student proved his skills and knowledge and would not benefit from completing the requirement. No credit is awarded and the department may be asked to substitute or adjust another requirement.

Note: General Education Requirements cannot be waived.

Subsequent Degrees

The other instance waivers may be used is for subsequent degrees. Requirement that were fulfilled in previous degree can be waived.

Note: Students are required to take 25% of a subsequent degree requirements after graduation.