Degree Audit

When will Degree Audit "Go Live"?

We will have two "Go Live" dates.

First "Go Live" date is April 10, 2014 for all advisors. Any person with access to pages outside of the faculty or student center in WebSTAR should have access to the Degree Audit Report. Please email us at degreeaudit@uno.edu if you do not have access and would like to request it.

Second "Go Live" date is May 19, 2014 for students. Any student pursuing a degree will able to see his/her Degree Audit Report via the Student Center/My Academics. Summer 2014 will be the first semester where all students will be required to have a Satisfied Degree Audit in order to graduate.

Why is a student’s requirement shown as Not Satisfied, but the student has already taken the course(s)    required to satisfy it?

There is a discrepancy between the course parameters specified in the requirement and the courses that the student has taken (course count, credit hours, minimum GPA). It may also be the result of transfer evaluation. Please visit our Substitution/Adjustment/Waiver Form Site about actions you can perform to rectify this issue.

Why is there is no degree audit for one of my advisees?

Degree Audit has been implemented for all Undergraduate Programs in the 2013-2014 catalog. Please verify that a student is active in a Program and Plan (and Subplan) that is defined in the Course Catalog.

Why doesn't Request Advising Report generate a report after I click Process Request?

Most of the times, this can happen when the student’s career is not active anymore because of discontinuation or dismissal. The error message will be recorded in the Report Request Log tab.

What do I do if the Degree Audit for one of my advisees has him assigned the wrong     Major/Minor/Concentration?

Please make sure the student goes through your department/college's process to change/specify Major/Minor/Concentration. Once modified under the Student Program/Plan page, the student will receive his/her appropriate degree audit.

The degree audit of one of my advisees is not showing his concentration?

The student may be pursuing a concentration defined in our catalog that does not exist in PeopleSoft subplan table or the student may not be assigned to the corresponding subplan. Please email us at degreeaudit@uno.edu if you find that a student is pursuing a subplan that should be in the system and does not have a degree audit or the subplan just does not exist.

What do I do if I notice a course is being used to satisfy a requirement when it’s not supposed to?

Let us know as soon as possible at degreeaudit@uno.edu. We'll review it and follow up with you on what actions need to be taken.

One of my advisees has an approved course substitution/waiver form, however the requirement    affected is still showing as not satisfied.

We will do our best to process all forms in a timely matter. You can see where any form is in the process by looking at the top left of the document (Form Status). If you need additional support, please email us at degreeaudit@uno.edu.

Is there somewhere I can be trained?

We will provide training sessions from Mid-April to the end of July 2014. We will coordinate with departments and colleges to setup the best time for us to stop by and work with you. If you have any special requests, please feel free to email us at degreeaudit@uno.edu. Also, check our homepage, we will be setting up general training sessions throughout the summer.

How does Degree Audit work?

We are using the Academic Advisement Module in WebSTAR to construct what is known as Degree Audit. To understand how Degree Audit works, you must understand how student careers are constructed in WebSTAR.

  • Career ID: A number automatically assigned by WebSTAR. Always 0 for first career.
  • Career: A code that specifies the classification of a career. i.e. UGRD for Undergraduate.
  • Program: A code that specifies the college of a student. i.e. ULART for Undergraduate College of Liberal Arts.
  • Plan: A code that specifies the major/minor of a student. i.e. ENGL for English.
  • Subplan: A code that specifies the concentration/option of plan. i.e. ENGLB for Creative Writing.
  • Requirement Term: This is the term the student was admitted to a program/plan. Aka Catalog Year.

Using the information above and UNO's course catalog, we have compiled lists of courses and rules to be completed before a student is marked as clear to graduate. The programming behind the report consists of mainly Boolean logic and Course ID Numbers.

When clicking "Generate Report", the system obtains which program(s), plan(s), subplan(s), and requirement term(s) in which the student belongs, uses academic history, and checks if the academic history satisfies all rules entered.

Is there a way I can get PDFs of a group of students in my department?

There is a button to retrieve PDFs individually per student. The Office of the Registrar can process batch degree audits. Please send us a request via email, degreeaudit@uno.edu.

What do I do if I want to report an error?

Please fill out the Feedback form on our website. We'll make sure to respond as quickly as we can.


More to Come...

As we get more questions, we'll post the questions and answers that come up most frequently. Please feel free to return to the Degree Audit Main Page. Thank you!