Accelerated Master of Science in Chemistry (AMSC)

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Masters of Science in Chemistry (MSC)

The Accelerated Master's Program in Chemistry, AMSC, will offer important opportunities to our undergraduates to complete a major portion of a Master's in Chemistry while pursuing their bachelor's degree.  Then with two more semesters of study, the student will complete the AMSC. The advanced standing allowed by the AMSC degree will be important to students wanting to work in industrial or government labs as well as those that wish to obtain advanced standing before pursuing a doctoral degree.

Chemistry students will begin earning credit toward a Master's degree in Chemistry (MSC) while still pursuing undergraduate studies. The main feature of the AMSC is that up to 12 credit hours of graduate credit earned in 5000- and 6000- level courses with a letter grade "B" or better while the student is still an undergraduate may be applied toward the bachelor's degrees. Only an additional 21 units will then be needed for students to complete the AMSC. This will allow students to complete both the bachelor's and master's within 5 years.

Eligibility Requirements

Chemistry students must meet all the requirements listed below before gaining admission to the AMSC program and enrolling in graduate courses:

  1. Students must have a cumulative undergraduate GPA of at least 3.4 at the time of application to the AMSC program.
  2. Students must have a complete/updated Undergraduate Plan of Study audit (i.e., graduation verification) approved by the Department Chair, the Graduate Coordinator, and the College Associate Dean.
  3. Students must have completed all requirements for the core curriculum (general education requirements.)
  4. Students must have completed a minimum of 75 semester hours of undergraduate work that count toward the BS in chemistry degree, with completion of at least 18 hours of upper-level courses. (This typically will occur at the end of the student's 6th semester.)
  5. Students must have been conditionally accepted to the MSC program.
  6. Students must have an Accelerated Master's Application and Plan of Study form approved by the Graduate Coordinator, the Department Chair, and the College Associate Dean on file with the Graduate School.

Other Requirements

  1. Only up to 12 semester hours of 5000- and 6000- level courses may be included in the student's undergraduate plan. Graduate courses such as Independent Study/Project/Research, Directed Study, Directed Readings, or Thesis cannot be applied toward the Bachelor's degree.
  2. Before an undergraduate in the AMSC student may register for graduate courses, a dual enrollment form indicating the graduate courses to be taken for graduate credit must be approved by the Graduate School.
  3. In order to remain in the AMSC degree program, the student must maintain an overall GPA of at least 3.0.  Failure to maintain the minimum required GPA of 3.0 will result in the student's removal from the AMSC program, but not from the BS program. Graduate courses and completed with a letter grade "D" or better may still be used toward the BS degree, but will not be counted toward the AMSC degree.
  4. The Bachelor's degree may be awarded following the completion of the undergraduate degree requirements, but before full admission to the graduate AMSC program.
  5. The baccalaureate degree may be awarded at any time following the completion of the undergraduate degree requirements, and at least two semesters before the graduate degree is awarded.
  6. Should an AMSC student request admission to another master's program (or does not complete the approved master's degree within the prescribed time) the joint hours posted to the graduate transcript will be removed.

Full admission to the Graduate Program:

Participating in the AMSC Program does not guarantee full admission to the MSC program. Students participating in the AMSC may be fully admitted to the graduate program only upon being awarded the Chemistry BS degree with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0, and meeting all other requirements for admission to the program as established by the Graduate School. Because our regular MS degree does not require the GRE exam, this exam will not be needed for admission to the AMSC program. Once the student is admitted to the graduate degree program (MSC), the graduate hours (up to 12) successfully completed to fulfill the baccalaureate degree requirements will be recorded on the AMSC.

Application and Plan of Study Form.

Up to 12 credit hours will be fully transferrable to the master's degree. The remaining 21 or more credit hours for the MSC must be completed according to the rules and requirements of the MSC program.

AMSC Graduate Course Requirements

The minimum course work requirement is 33 hours. Graduate credit is awarded for courses numbered 5000-level and above. Graduate credit is not awarded for courses numbered 4000- level and below. As a minimum, a student must present at least 15 semester hours of work in courses numbered 6000 or above. CHEM 7025 is the only 7000-level course that may be used toward the AMSC.

  1. Students must complete a minimum of 21 hours in Chemistry. This includes 3 credit hours of CHEM 6095 Seminar. The student must be registered for CHEM 6095 the semester they plan to graduate.
  2. Elective courses must be numbered 5000-level or above and may come from areas outside of chemistry. All elective courses to be used for the AMSC degree in Chemistry must be approved by the Department of Chemistry.

Curriculum Summary


Credit Hours

CHEM Courses 5000-7000 level
CHEM 6095 (required, may be taken for credit a max of 3 times)
Elective Courses (5000 or above)

Final Project

Each AMSC student is required to prepare and present a literature seminar to the department. The subject matter of the seminar is to be taken from the current chemical/biochemical research literature. The student’s Advisor and Committee must approve the topic. A formal abstract, prepared and distributed prior to the date of the seminar presentation, is required. Students must present their seminar the semester they intend to graduate. The presentation of the seminar will serve as the comprehensive exam and the capstone AMSC degree requirement. The seminar will be judged by the student’s Advisor/Committee as pass or fail. Students that fail the seminar will be allowed to repeat the seminar one time before being dropped from the program.


To maximize the success rate in this program, initial advising will take place early in the student’s undergraduate career. This will be done through the efforts of the College of Science (COS) advisors. For the graduate program, COS advisors will coordinate with faculty who are members of the Chemistry Graduate Affairs committee.

Recruiting students for the AMSC program.

Any students currently in the Chemistry BS program that meet the requirements for the AMSC, can be considered for admission. Additional efforts will be made to advertise the AMSC program in an effort to attract interested freshmen and to attract highly qualified junior college transfer students.

Recommended Four-Year Plan of Study

College of Sciences

Accelerated Masters of Science in Chemistry

Four Year Plan of Study
First Year of Enrollment 
First Term  Second Term
Course Prefix & Number Credit Hours Course Prefix & Number Credit Hours
CHEM 1017  3  CHEM 1018  3
CHEM 1007  1  CHEM 1008  1
UNIV 1001  1  CHEM 1000  1
ENGL 1157  3  ENGL 1158  3
MATH 2114  3  MATH 2124  4
Arts Electives  3  BIOS 1081/1083  4
Total Hours  15 Total Hours 16
Second Year of Enrollment
First Term  Second Term
Course Prefix & Number Credit Hours Course Prefix & Number Credit Hours
CHEM 2217  3  CHEM 3018  1
CHEM 2017  1  CHEM 3218  3
CHEM 2000  1  PHYS 1062  3
PHYS 1061  3  PHYS 1065  1
PHYS 1063  1  MATH 2314  3
Humanities or Social Science Elective  3  Humanities or Social Science Elective  3
 BIOS 2114  4  ENGL Literature  3
Total Hours  16 Total Hours 17
Third Year of Enrollment
First Term  Second Term
Course Prefix & Number Credit Hours Course Prefix & Number Credit Hours
CHEM 2025  3  CHEM 3027  3
CHEM 2117  3  CHEM 3411  3
CHEM 2310  3  Advanced Chemistry  3
CHEM 3310  3  General Elective  1
CHEM 3094  4  Humanities or Social Science Elective  6
Total Hours  17 Total Hours 16
Fourth Year of Enrollment
First Term Second Term
Course Prefix & Number Credit Hours Course Prefix & Number Credit Hours
Advanced Chemistry  3  Advanced Chemistry  3
Advanced Chemistry  3  General Elective  8
General Electives  7  CHEM 4000  0
CHEM 5000 or 6000 level  3  CHEM 5000 or 6000 level  6
CHEM 6095 1 CHEM 6095  1
Total Hours  17 Total Hours 18
Total Degree Hours 131
Fifth Year of Enrollment
First Term Second Term
Course Prefix & Number Credit Hours Course Prefix & Number Credit Hours
CHEM 5000 or 6000 level  12  CHEM 5000 or 6000 level  9
     CHEM 6095  1
Total Hours  12 Total Hours 10
Total Degree Hours 33
  • Student may apply for admission into the AM program once 75 hrs with at least 18 hrs of upper-level courses in the major have been completed.
  • Student must file Application for Graduation for Bachelor’s in Year 4
  • Student must apply for admission into the Master’s program prior to the start of year 5
  • The following courses may NOT be counted toward the bachelor’s degree: Independent Study/Project/Research, Directed Study, Directed Readings, Practicum, Internships, and Thesis.
  • Coursework completed in this plan cannot be applied toward another graduate degree at UNO.