Quantitative Methods–Business and Economics

QMBE 2786         Intermediate Business and Economics Statistics                                          3 cr.
Prerequisite: BA 2780, MATH 2785 or 2314 and concurrent enrollment in quantitative methods - QMBE 2787. Hypothesis testing; Chi-Squared distribution; analysis of variance; correlation; simple and multiple regression; non-parametric methods; forecasting.

QMBE 2787         Business and Economics Statistics Laboratory                                            1 cr.
Concurrent enrollment in QMBE 2786.  Laboratory course will demonstrate business applications or principles covered in Math 2785 and QMBE 2786.  Students will use statistical software packages to analyze a variety of business-oriented datasets and produce appropriate reports.

QMBE 4400         Statistics for Managers                                                                                    3 cr.
Gives the statistical foundation needed for managerial decision making and is designed to prepare students for graduate study in business. Covers topics in probability, random variables, sampling theory, statistical inference and regression analysis. Not open to College of Business undergraduate majors. May not be taken for graduate credit. Students may not receive credit for both QMBE 2785 and QMBE 2786 and this course.

QMBE 6280         Mathematics in Financial Economics                                                            3 cr.
Prerequisite:MATH 2107 or 2110. Mathematics and applications of the following topics: Multivariate calculus, integral calculus, matrix algebra, differential equations, and non-linear programming.

QMBE 6281         Econometrics I                                                                                                 3 cr.
Prerequisites: QMBE 2786 and 6280. A review of basic statistical inference and treatment of the general linear regression model and its extensions. Topics include probability and distribution theory, estimation and hypothesis testing, linear regression, heteroskedasticy and serial correlation, varying parameter models, systems of linear regressions, nonlinear estimation and stochastic regressors.

QMBE 6282         Econometrics II                                                                 3 cr.
Prerequisite: QMBE 6281. Topics in econometric analysis, including simultaneous equation models, time series analysis and distributed lag models, multiple time series, qualitative and limited dependent variable models, markets in disequilibrium, switching regressions, multicollinearity and robust estimation.

QMBE 6283         Seminar in Mathematics and Statistics for Financial Economics                                 3 cr.
Prerequisite: QMBE 6282. Applications of econometric methods to empirical problems in financial economics. Topics, selected by the instructor, will be drawn from recent literature and will illustrate the use of new and previously developed econometric methods.

QMBE 6295         Special Topics in Quantitative Methods                                                1 min. cr. - 4 max. cr.
An intensive study of selected special topics in Quantitative Methods. Topics will vary based on contemporary needs as dictated by the discipline as well as the interests of the students and the instructor. Section number will correspond with credit to be earned. Course may be repeated up to 3 times as long as course content for each is different.

QMBE 6780         Operations Research                                                     3 cr.
Offered each semester. This course is an introduction to solving quantitative problems in business and government organizations. It includes linear programming and the simplex algorithm; duality;the assignment and transportation problems; integer programming; goal programming; non-linear programming using LaGrange multipliers and the Kuhn-Tucker method; Markov chains; simulation; Von Neumann-Morgenstern analyses of utility, games, and decisions.