Placement of students with high school preparation in Latin: students with sufficient preparation in Latin may enter the second, third, or fourth semester course in that language, thus completing the foreign language requirement in fewer semesters. Students interested in taking placement tests should contact the Foreign Language departments. Language courses in the 1001, 1002, 2001, 2002 sequence must be taken in that order.

LAT 1011              Introductory Latin Reading I                                                                       3 cr.
Offered each semester. A course for beginners with emphasis on the fundamentals of grammar and translation of stories.
LAT 1012              Introductory Latin Reading II                                                                     3 cr.
Offered each semester. Prerequisite: LAT 1011 or equivalent. A continuation of LAT1011
LAT 2011              Intermediate Latin - Reading  I                                                                   3 cr.
A review of the basic grammatical structure of the language with continuing and increasing emphasis on the development of advanced reading and translation skills.