Interdisciplinary Studies

IDS 1001               Introductory Seminar                                    1 cr.
The IDS Introductory Seminar will be required of all IDS students within their first two semesters of enrollment. In this course students will engage in an interactive learning experience exploring the principles of integrative learning in the Interdisciplinary Studies degree program. This course will be taught utilizing distance learning. This course is graded Pass/Fail.

IDS 2001               Portfolio Development                                3 cr.
In this course students will be able to articulate learning theory and application for portfolio planning; they will learn research techniques, organization and writing strategies. This course may be repeated once for a total of six hours credit. Pass/fail grading.

IDS 3001               Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies                                                              3 cr.
Students will be introduced to the theoretical constructs of integrative learning, methods of integration and they will practice making connections across disciplines through practical exercises. At the end of this course students will be able to articulate the history and major concepts of Interdisciplinary Studies, including interdisciplinary approaches to global issues.

IDS 3096               Internship in Interdisciplinary Studies                                                   3 cr.
Prerequisites: consent of department. Under auspices of the IDS degree program, a student may participate in an identified internship showcasing interdisciplinary skills applicable towards student's Integrative Learning Plan (ILP). Students are required to meet one-on-one with the instructor to review their progress and to prepare a major written report or portfolio on their experience. This course may be repeated once for credit for a total of six hours.

IDS 4091               Capstone Seminar                                                                           3 cr.
Consent of department only. Capstone Seminar on integrative learning and interdisciplinary scholarship for research. In this course students will study the history, methods and approaches to interdisciplinary research and write a research paper that incorporates connections between disciplines from their Integrative Learning Plan. Students will also present an oral report based on their capstone research paper. Grade of C or higher is required to pass course.