Healthcare Management

HCM 1000           Introduction to Healthcare Management                                                        3 cr.
This course provides a broad introduction to the field of healthcare management and provides a basic understanding of the core social, ethical, and patient-care concepts of management and leadership in the context of the US healthcare system. This course is a prerequisite for any 3000 or 4000 level HCM courses.

HCM 2000           The US Healthcare System                                                                               3 cr.
Prerequisite: HCM 1000. This course provides a comprehensive survey of the complex, dynamic, rapidly changing health care system in the United States. The health care system's major components and their characteristics are identified with emphasis placed on current trends in health status, access, technology, health care financing, and delivery systems. Social, economic, and political forces that have shaped and continue to influence the system are traced and different prospects for the future of healthcare management are discussed.

HCM 3010           Healthcare Organizational Leadership and Improvement                             3 cr.
Prerequisite: HCM 2000 and MANG 3401. Contemporary theories, critical perspectives, models, and best practices designed to lead and manage performance excellence and ongoing quality improvement in the highly competitive health care environment are examined.

HCM 3020           Healthcare Information Technology                                                                3 cr.
Prerequisite: HCM 2000, BA 2780, and MANG 3402. Presents an overview of healthcare information technology (HIT) and how health care managers can use IT to improve patient care and maximize organizational performance.

HCM 3030           Community Health Research and Management                                             3 cr.
Prerequisites: HCM 2000, QMBE 2786 and QMBE 2787. Introduces students to basic research and evaluation methods that assist in the assessment of the health needs of the community, develop population health strategies, better meet community health needs, and improve the underlying health of the community.

HCM 3040           Reimbursement Systems and Revenue Management                                   3 cr.
Prerequisites: HCM 2000, ACCT 2130 and FIN 3300. This class is designed as an introductory course in the theory and principles of health care finance and revenue management.

HCM 4010           Healthcare Ethics, Law, and Policy                                                                 3 cr.
Prerequisite: HCM 2000 and BA 3010. This course presents an overview of the central ethical, legal, and policy issues facing healthcare managers. It addresses the basic concepts and principles of healthcare ethics, the social, political and economic dimensions of key laws and related policy issues in health care.

HCM 4070           The Future of Healthcare Management                                                         3 cr.
Prerequisite: HCM 2000 and Senior Status. This seminar will examine and explore emerging innovations in the financing, organization, and delivery of healthcare services. Particular emphasis will be given to those developments that promise to open-up major new avenues of professional opportunity for healthcare managers over the next decade.

HCM 4094           Healthcare Internship                                                                                      3 cr.
Prerequisite: Consent of the Program Director. Must be taken concurrently with HCM 4480. This course will require undergraduates to be engaged in at least ten hours per week at the site of an assigned participating healthcare organization that directs the intern in a specific project relating to strategic management.

HCM 4480           Healthcare Capstone                                                                                       3 cr.
Prerequisite: Consent of the Program Director. Must be taken concurrently with HCM 4094. This course serves as the final capstone experience of the Healthcare Management Program. It draws heavily on prior coursework and the intern experience to support the development of a strategic management analysis of a healthcare organization that is consistent with the College of Business' Capstone requirements.