ENGR 3090          Senior Seminar                                                                                                    1 cr.
Prerequisites: College consent required. Lectures on current topics in engineering, the role of the engineer in today's society, professional ethics, professional registration, and technical societies. Students are required to take the NCEES Fundamentals of Engineering Exam.

ENGR 5755          Mechanical Vibrations                                                                                       3 cr.
Single and double degree of freedom systems in free and forced motion, vibration analysis of continuous systems, and vibration measurement devices.

ENGR 7000          Thesis Research                                                                                   1 min. cr. - 9 max. cr.
To be repeated for credit until thesis is accepted. Section number will correspond with credit to be earned.

ENGR 7040          Examination or Thesis Only                                                                              0 cr.
No credit. Open to students in a thesis program who have only (other than application for degree) the final typing and acceptance by the Graduate School of their thesis or to students in a non-thesis program who have only (other than application for degree) to pass the final examination to complete graduate requirements.