Engineering and Applied Sciences

ENAS 7025           Engineering and Applied Science Research Seminar                                     1 cr.
Students and faculty will present and discuss research activities and/or current topics in their field. Invited guest speakers will also participate. May be offered jointly by two or more departments in the engineering and applied science doctoral program or by any one of the participating departments in the College of Engineering and the College of Sciences. May not be applied for credit toward the Ph.D. program.

ENAS 7040           Examination Or Thesis Only                                                                              0 cr.
Open to students in a thesis program who have only (other than applied for degree) the final typing and acceptance by the Graduate School of their thesis or to students in a non-thesis program who have only (other than application for degree) to pass the final examination to complete graduate requirements.

ENAS 7050           Dissertation Research                                                                           1 min. cr. - 9 max. cr.
Offered each semester. Section number will correspond with credit to be earned. To be repeated for credit until dissertation is accepted.