Educational Foundations and Research

EDFR 5990           Special Topics in Education                                                                           3 cr.
Prerequisite: consent of department and major professor. Topic will vary from semester to semester. This course may be repeated once for credit.

EDFR 6500           Contemporary Urban Education                                                                     3 cr.
An understanding of the urbanization process in America and its effect upon education. Current problems that relate to education in metropolitan areas will be identified and analyzed.

EDFR 6675           Advanced Educational Program Evaluation                                                  3 cr.
(EDFR 6675 and EDCI 6675 are cross-listed) Prerequisites EDCI 6670 and EDFR 6710 and 6711 or consent of department. This course is designed to provide students with the research and evaluation skills required to implement various program evaluation models. It is also intended to provide the skills necessary for effectively using the standards of the National Joint Committee on Standards for Program Evaluation as required by state certification guidelines.

EDFR 6700           Educational Research                                                                                     3 cr.
This course is an introductory research course for educators. It is designed to provide students with the basic information needed to understand the process of systematically researching a problem and to enable students to evaluate and interpret the research of others.

EDFR 6705           Quantitative and Qualitative Research Design                                             3 cr.
Prerequisites: EDFR 6700 and admission to the M.A. program or a Ph.D. program in the College of Education or consent of department. Graduate students prepare to become researchers in this course. Epistemology and differences in research paradigms are reviewed. The designs available to researchers in quantitative and qualitative traditions are detailed. Introduction to the process of developing research proposals.

EDFR 6710           Descriptive Statistics and Inferential Hypothesis Testing                           3 cr.
Corequisite or Prerequisite: EDFR 6705 or consent of department.  An introduction to basic statistics for students who plan to conduct research using empirical methods.  Topics include descriptive statistics; probability in sampling; hypothesis testing inferential statistics; and non-parametric statistics.

EDFR 6715           Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods                                             3 cr.
Prerequisite: EDFR 6705 or consent of department. This course is designed to introduce graduate students to the nature and uses of qualitative research methods in education. This course addresses the process of qualitative research design, the various traditions within qualitative research, selected methodological issues, and writing up research results.

EDFR 6720           Applied Regression and Analysis of Covariance                                         3 cr.
Prerequisites: EDFR 6700 and 6710 or consent of department. Applied knowledge of advanced statistical methods. Topics include multiple regression, analysis of variance following multiple comparison tests; analysis of covariance; and log linear models.

EDFR 6721           Qualitative Research Data Collection                                                            3 cr.
Prerequisites: EDFR 6705 and 6715 or consent of department. This course focuses on methods of data collection. Students will be expected to engage in field research experiences.

EDFR 6725           Multivariate Statistics and Covariance Structure Analysis                          3 cr.
Prerequisite: EDFR 6700, 6710, and 6720, or consent of department. Sophisticated multivariate methods of analyzing complex relationships among many variables.  Topics include matrix algebra; multivariate analysis of variance; multivariate analysis of covariance; discriminant function analysis; factor analysis; cluster analysis; and path analysis.

EDFR 6731           Qualitative Research Data Analysis and Writing                                          3 cr.
Prerequisites: EDFR 6705, EDFR 6715, and EDFR 6721, or consent of department.  This course focuses on methods of data analysis, presentation of results, issues of validity, and the role of the researcher in qualitative research.

EDFR 6991           Practicum in Educational Evaluation                                                             3 cr.
(EDFR 6991and EDCI 6991 are cross listed). Prerequisite: EDCI 6675 EDFR 6675 or consent of department. Open to Education students only. This course is intended to provide students with the opportunity to practice in an actual school setting the program evaluation skills learned in previous courses. The practicum will be conducted under the supervision of a graduate faculty member who is an experienced evaluator.

EDFR 6993           Special Topics in Educational Research                                           1 min. cr. - 3 max. cr.
Prerequisite: consent of department. Topic will vary from semester to semester. Course may be repeated for a maximum of nine semester hours credit. Section number will correspond with credit to be earned.