Urban Studies - Doctorate

DURB 6803          Seminar in Urban History                                                                                3 cr.
Intensive reading and research on urban, social, and cultural change. Focus will be on American, European, and/or Third World urban development, from the founding of initial settlements to the present day. Discussions, conferences, short reports, and essays will be required. May be repeated for credit.

DURB 6830          Urban Theory                                                                                                   3 cr.
Prerequisite: DURB 6850 or consent of Department. The purpose of the course is to expose students to theoretical perspectives that impact the discipline of urban studies. Students will examine a variety of disciplinary perspectives and methodological approaches. These disciplines will include anthropology, political science, geography, sociology, history, urban planning and economics.  This course may be taken up to 2 times for a total of 6 credit hours.

DURB 6850          Seminar in Urban Studies                                                                               3 cr.
Departmental consent required.  This course introduces graduate students to the history and evolution of the discipline of urban studies. It examines the research questions, research trends, methods, and theoretical constructs employed in urban studies. The course content is selected to examine the scope, depth and breadth of the field. Specific topics change vary by semester. This course may be taken up to 3 times for a total of 9 credit hours.

DURB 6900          Independent Study                                                                                          3 cr.
Department consent required.  Offered each semester. Independent research in the graduate student¿s area of specialization under the direction of a designated member of the graduate faculty. May be taken 8 times for a maximum of 24 credit hours with the approval of the Department.

DURB 7020          Research Design Seminar                                                                               3 cr.
Prerequisites: DURB 6850 and DURB 6830 or consent of Department. This course provides an in depth examination of research design and a variety of research methods. The course will focus on the interrelationships between epistemology, theory, particular methods, and research design.

DURB 7030          Research Design Practicum                                                                           3 cr.
Prerequisite: DURB 7020 or consent of Department. This course guides students through the development of their dissertation prospectus with the cooperation of their dissertation advisers.

DURB 7040          Examination or Thesis Only No credit                                                          0 cr.
Department consent required. Open to students in the Ph.D. in Urban Studies program who have only the final editing and acceptance by the Graduate School of their dissertations (other than application for degree).

DURB 7050          Dissertation Research                                                                       1 min. cr. - 9 max. cr.
Department consent required. Preparation of dissertation by Ph.D. candidates under direction of major professor and dissertation committee. To be repeated for credit until dissertation is accepted.