Arts and Sciences

A&S 1100             French Culture and Civilization                                                                      3 cr.
A study of the political, social, and cultural institutions in France, with an emphasis on contemporary civilization.

A&S 1119             Structures of Western Thought: Ancient Greece                                          3 cr.
Prerequisite: concurrent registration in ENGL 1159 or 2279. A study of central features of ancient Greek culture: literature, philosophy, art, and science.

A&S 2900             European Civilization: Field-Based  Learning                                              3 cr.
Students live and work in a European country, study the language, culture, and history of the country, and analyze the distinctive social practices to be found. Intensive and reflective interaction with the host population is stressed. May be repeated for credit with consent of the Director of the Honors Program. Students should have previous experience with the language of the host country. This course is not to be used for independent study.

A&S 2999             Forms of Inquiry                                                                                               1 cr.
Introduction to various disciplinary perspectives, the current problems, theoretical underpinnings, and methods of procedure that direct diverse forms of inquiry. Scholars from the various departments will display their fields of study while addressing a common theme. May be repeated for up to three credit hours.

A&S 3099             The Honors Colloquium                                                                                   3 cr.
Prerequisites: junior or senior standing and recommendation of a professor or student's dean. The subject varies. Course may be repeated once for credit.

A&S 3999             Senior Honors Thesis                                                                                       3 cr.
Admission by consent of the Director of the Interdisciplinary Studies Degree Program and the Director of the University Honors Program. Directed research culminating in a written thesis to meet the requirements for graduation with University Honors or Honors in General Studies. May be repeated once for a total of six hours credit.