Non-Traditional Summer Courses

Non-traditional summer terms (not including Mini Session I and II) have their own fee structure and refund schedule (see below). For computing resignation refunds for these terms, a resignation is defined as dropping all courses within that term.
NOTE: Certain fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. Refer to the Fee Schedule. These fees, as well as any outstanding obligations, will be deducted from your refund.

Special Note – Fees for non-traditional terms

Fees for non-traditional terms are assessed separately from fees for the regular summer session and mini-sessions.


Student registering for: Student pays:
2 regular summer session courses + 1 non-traditional      $1,512 + $855 = $2,367
1 regular summer session course + 2 non-traditional (different terms) $855 + $1,710 = $2,565
1 regular summer session course + 1 mini-session course + non-traditional $1,512 + $855 = $2,367