Student Account System Information

This section will help you understand some basic aspects of your business matters with the University of New Orleans through the Student System.

Account Balances

To obtain your account balance, please log in to WebSTAR. To view an online tutorial on how to access your account balance, go to

Questions about Charges to Your Account

The Bursar's Office is the centralized billing and collection location for student accounts and registration fee payments. The Student Account system bills students by mail for most of the charges due to UNO. Fees are subject to change without notice. If you have any questions about your financial relationship with the University we encourage you to call or come by the Bursar's Office. Issues regarding Delinquent Accounts are handled by Accounts Receivable.Most charges and credits originate from the departments listed below.

Bursar's Office Admissions Charges Campus Parking/Traffic Violations
Administration Building Office of Admissions University Police
Room 1006 Administration Building Campus Police Building
(504) 280-6489 or Room 103 Room 100
(504) 280-5500 (504) 280-6595 (504) 280-6666
Delinquent Accounts Financial Aid Programs Graduation/Special Fees
Accounts Receivable Administration Building Registrar's Office
Administration Building Room 1005 Administration Building
Room 1006 (504) 280-6603 Room 112
(504) 280-3280, (504) 280-3281, or (504) 280-3282   (504) 280-6216

Your Billing Statements

Credit Card Payments

Credit card payments are only accepted through WebStar. Visa, MasterCard and debit cards are accepted.

Payment Issues

Contact the Bursar's Office if you experience problems with your payment at (504) 280-6489.

WebSTAR Issues

If you experience any problems logging onto WebSTAR, please contact the UCC Help Desk at (504) 280-4357.

Billing statements are mailed and/or emailed to student's local mailing address. Billing statements are accessible 24/7 on the student's WebSTAR account via link "FEEBILL". If you do not receive an Account Statement prior to any fee payment period, please follow the steps below: Check WebSTAR for your account balance and forward any amounts owed to the University.Please ensure that all payments are received by the University on or before the due date. See the Important Dates section of this Bulletin to determine when your fees are due. Confirm that payment has been received by checking WebSTAR or contact the Bursar's Office at (504) 280-6489.

If your financial aid and/or third party credits will not cover the entire amount owed, you must pay the remaining balance by the deadline dates or your class schedule will be canceled. If you are unable to pay the remaining balance and you are eligible to participate in the Extended Payment Plan Option (EPPO), please complete a University Promissory Note. There is a $50.00 fee for this option. For more information about EPPO, please logon to WebSTAR . Next click on "Plan Summaries" to the left of the window.

You may pay the total fees in full, or if eligible, use the Extended Payment Plan Option (EPPO). (See the EPPO section below for details.)

Failure to receive an Account Statement does not warrant exemption from penalties for non payment or any other restrictions. Students are responsible for satisfying all payment requirements. Failure to make payments by deadlines may result in administrative action. (See the "Delinquent Accounts" section at for details.)

Extended Payment Option (EPPO) (Available for Fall and Spring Semesters Only)

A Non-Refundable Fee of $50.00 is required and you must have a University Promissory Note on file in the Bursar's Office for each semester you select this option. 

You may use EPPO to pay tuition and fees if you are in good financial standing with the University. If you choose to use EPPO, a minimum payment of 50% of the total charge is required by the designated payment deadline to complete registration. The remaining balance will be due on October 1 for the fall term and March 1 for the spring term. The EPPO is not available for the summer term. Failure to meet the installment terms of the EPPO agreement will automatically revoke the privilege of using EPPO for all future terms.
If a student does not satisfy their entire financial obligation by the due date and is eligible for the payment plan but fails to elect the plan, the student's classes will be purged.

Eligibility alone does not place you on a payment plan. You must elect this option. This election is finalized by having a completed and signed promissory note with the Accounts Receivable Department.

Failure to make this election after satisfying less than 100% of your financial obligation will result in your classes being purged. The promissory note is located on the web, on the reverse side of your statement, and in the Accounts Receivable Department.

Payments to Students with Credit Balances

Credit balances result from payments, financial aid received, and other credit entries that exceed the total of charges to a student’s account. Refunds are issued to students for the amount of the excess account balance through Direct deposit transfer to the students checking or savings account. Account and routing numbers must be provided with a voided check only once in a student’s career unless the students wishes to cancel or change this setup. Forms are available at At the start of the semester, the initial refund checks for credit balances are processed and mailed within 14 days after funds have been credited to your account. For financial aid recipients, a Bookstore voucher will be made for textbook costs through the last day of final registration provided the student has accepted the financial aid award. During the semester, refunds are sent on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please allow 14 days for a refund to be processed once your financial aid has been credited to your account.

General Information

For additional information on any of the following topics, please visit our website at

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