Fall 2013 Partner Courses

Tired of unconnected courses? Want an integrated education? Here is a chance to take two or more courses that complement each other and look at a topic from different points of view. Register for a set of the partner courses listed below and enhance your understanding and appreciation of the disciplines.

ANTH 2052 Cultural Anthropology
GEOG 2356 Cultural Geography
MURP 4140 Environmental Planning
SOC 4903 Population Issues and Dynamics
GEOG 1600 Environmental Geography
ENGL 2071 African American Literature I
ANTH 4090-601 Architecture of the African Diaspora/America
ENGL 2072 African American Literature II
HIST 4991-002 Black Power in Film and History
ENGL 4093 Contemporary African Literature
SOC 2994 Multiculturalism and Diversity in U.S. Society
ENGL 2378 Introduction to Women's Literature
ENGL 2090-002 Gender and Fairy Tales
WGS 4070 Third-Wave Feminism
FA 2201 Historical Survey of the Arts I
HIST 1001 World History I
FA 2202 Historical Survey of the Arts II
HIST 1002 World History II
MUS 1000 Music Appreciation
ENGL 2342 Survey of British Literature from Romanticism to the Present
HIST 4366 The British Empire