Internet Courses

The University of New Orleans offers many of its courses over the Internet via Moodle, UNO’s online course delivery system. Internet courses are best suited for students who do not live in the proximity of the campus. Internet courses offer the same content as their traditional counterparts; however, they all have technical requirements and usually require more writing as most communication is done in the written format.

Students who have never taken an internet course are strongly advised to visit the Student Moodle Orientation site. This site will familiarize students with the layout of an online course and communicate what will be expected of them. Go to moodle >>

Internet Course Requirements

  1. Have self-motivation, personal commitment to complete the course, and good time management
  2. Have a LAN username and password
  3. Have reliable internet access
  4. Log-in to Moodle in the first week of class at using their LAN username & password
  5. Check the course syllabus for deadlines and instructor’s expectations (some courses require students to come to campus for tests or to an approved test center that may charge a proctoring fee)

Students who register late will have access to on-line course materials 24 hours after registering. Students who do not meet class assignment deadlines risk failing the course. Instructors report students who do not participate in an online course as “not attending.” Non-attendance and/or failing a course may place a student in a position of repayment of partial or all awarded financial aid.