Registration Assistance for Students
with Disabilities

Need to make an appointment?

Contact Office of Disability Services at 504-280-6222 or 504-280-7284 for more information and/or an appointment.

Potential issues during walk-in fee payment

  • For the visually impaired - reading signs and negotiating the crowds
  • For students with oral or hearing impairments - communicating with staff
  • For persons with mobility impairments or persons with chronic health problems - standing in lines or walking from station to station

Conditions to request registration assistance from the Office of Disability Services (ODS)

  • ODS must be provided with documentation of a disability warranting accommodation at least three University business days before the student reports to register for classes. (In cases where evidence of disability is readily visible to ODS staff members, written documentation is preferred but not essential).
  • The student must notify ODS of the need for registration accommodations and must discuss the exact nature and degree of accommodation with the Assistant Director of ODS no less than three University business days before reporting to register for classes (except in the case of a genuinely unexpected emergency).
  • The student must establish a time for registration with the Assistant Director during the discussion of accommodation and must arrive promptly to register at that time.
If you have a disability and will require academic accommodations while enrolled at UNO, please take this opportunity to self-identify to the Office of Disability Services (ODS). Complete the form online >>