Exceptions to the Need for Competitive Bidding

Although the following items are exempt from the competitive bidding process, pre-authorization from the Purchasing Office is still required.

State Contracts

Items on State Contracts can be purchased without competitive bidding regardless of the cost. The State Contract number and line number of each item must be in the comments of the requisition. State Contracts can be viewed by registering through the following link http://www.doa.la.gov/pages/osp/services/purchasing.aspx#eCat. Some commodities involving a purchase of $25,000 or more will require a comparison of state contracts

Software ($100,000 and less)

Purchases of software up to $100,000 are exempt from competition. Software and hardware maintenance under $100,000 do not require competitive bidding. For software and hardware maintenance over $100,000, contact the Purchasing Office prior to submitting a purchase requisition. Any written agreement or contract must be signed by an individual in the Purchasing Office with authority to sign University Contracts. Virus protection software and some Microsoft products are available through campus site licenses. Check the UCC website or contact the Purchasing Office for details.

Publications or Copyright Materials

Publications and/or copyright materials purchased directly from the publisher or copyright holder are exempt from competitive bidding. A written statement from the vendor confirming they are the publisher or copyright holder is required with the requisition. This statement should be attached to the comments with the vendor quote.

Inter-state or Government Agencies

Purchases from other state budget units or government agencies are exempt from competition

Sole Source / Proprietary

Purchases may be exempt from competitive bidding if Proprietary Specifications can be justified (Reasons why no other brand or model can be used for this application) and the manufacturer confirms in writing that the vendor is a ‘Sole-Source’ (That this item must be purchased directly from the vendor and they have no other marketing channel.) A Proprietary Specifications Form (link to form) must be completed by the end user and a Sole Source Form (link to form) must be completed by the vendor.

Authorized Dealer Repair or Parts

Repairs and/or parts associated with repairs to equipment may be obtained from an “Authorized Dealer” (Certified by the manufacturer to sell and/or perform maintenance on their equipment) without competitive bids. A “Louisiana Authorized Dealer” shall be used if available. For amounts over $999.99, a written quote must be obtained and submitted with the online requisition, and a Purchase Order issued before proceeding with the work.

Scientific Lab Supplies or Equipment

Scientific laboratory supplies and equipment for scientific research up to $25,000 per transaction are exempt from competition as long as the researcher certifies the purchase by initialing the appropriate section on the requisition.


No competitive process is required for advertising; however, the Chief Marketing Officer of designee must certify that specific media is required to reach the targeted audience. The approval form can be found here (add link).