Exceptions to Pre-Authorization from the Purchasing Office

Items to be processed directly by the Accounts Payable Department include the following:

Personal Reimbursements

Personal reimbursements should be used ONLY for unavoidable or emergency situations and should not be used as an alternative to the Purchase Order process with vendors who provide us with credit terms and sales tax exempt status. For amounts less that $1000 (excluding computers), a CHECK REQUEST approved by the supervisor of the person receiving the reimbursement should be submitted to Accounts Payable with the original receipt attached.

Travel Expenses

A TRAVEL EXPENSE VOUCHER should be submitted to Accounts Payable. Instructional Support can be found at the Travel Reimbursement website (http://financialservices.uno.edu/travel/).

Request for Payment of Honoraria

Submit a REQUEST FOR PAYMENT OF HONORARIUM/CONTRACTURAL SERVICE FORM to Accounts Payable. (The submission must be in accordance with AP 10.2.)

Contractural Services

The Office of Financial Services and/or the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs will assist departments with the preparation of contracts for professional, personal or consulting services. For payment submit a REQUEST FOR PAYMENT OF HONORARIA/CONTRACTURAL SERVICE FORM with an original invoice attached. (The submission must be in accordance with AP 10.8.)

Check Requests

The following items should be handled on a Check Request form:

  • Refunds, deposits, summer camps, etc.
  • Reimbursements as described above.
  • Fees (Accreditation, certification, affiliation, etc.)
  • Subscriptions (for one year only)
  • Conference Registration fees (when prepaid to the conference agency: REIMBURSEMENTS of registration fees should be done on a travel voucher.)
  • Postage
  • Items that must be prepaid (prepayments should not exceed $1000 and prepayment requirements must be documented.)
  • Dues for eligible professional memberships
  • Exhibit space at conferences, college night, etc.

Purchase Order Changes

If for any reason a change to a PURCHASE ORDER is needed, you should not communicate directly with the vendor. An email must be sent to the buyer listed on the Purchase Order so that a formal CHANGE ORDER document can be issued to change the University’s commitment to the vendor, and if applicable, change the amount encumbered against the account number. Items should not be returned or exchanged until the CHANGE ORDER is completed and authorization is received from the vendor.

Insurance Requirements

All vendors engaged in the performance of work on any kind on campus must provide proof of insurance to the Purchasing Office prior to beginning any work. The cost of the work involved does not affect this requirement