The Privateer Promise

What is the Privateer Promise?

The Privateer Promise is a first year initiative that will assist you in your transition to becoming responsible members of the UNO community. The components of The Privateer Promise are philosophies that all UNO students should adopt in order to have a successful and meaningful college experience.

We are...

Go to class prepared and on time
Adhere to the principles of Academic Integrity
Utilize appropriate resources to achieve academic goals

Treat all members of our community with respect
Follow through with commitments and adhere to expectations
Accept responsibility for our actions

Understand and maintain personal wellness
Care about the people around us and in the world
Nurture a clean, safe, litter-free environment

Maintain a tobacco-free campus
Develop and promote consistent and healthy habits
Find a balance between all aspects of life

Get involved, are school spirited, and stay connected
Appreciate the diversity as seen on our campus and in our community
Get engaged and invested in the city of New Orleans

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Where will you see the Privateer Promise?

This initiative will be carried out through a series of passive programming, beginning at New Student Orientation and continued through New Student Convocation, Privateer Plunge, UNIV, and student leader trainings.

Questions? Email First Year Advising