Course Descriptions


Students enroll in English Composition (ENGL 1157) and a supplemental, 1-credit hour writing course (ENGL 1003); specially identified English Department faculty members teach both courses. In ENGL 1003, class size is limited to 15 students to create a “studio” classroom environment, which supports students and helps them develop as writers. The Chair of the First-Year Writing Program closely monitors the progress of students in both courses. In the spring semester, students enroll in the second writing course, meet with English faculty members, and together they determine if it is beneficial to enroll in a second supplemental support course.


Students enroll in one of two math courses that are required by their major of choice, either Applied Algebra (MATH 1115) or Survey of Mathematical Thought (Math 1031). A supplemental math course (MATH 1003 or 1006) provides review and reinforcement of math skills specific to MATH 1115 or 1031. These courses involve face-face instruction, lab time with daily lab assignments, homework, online quizzes using MyMathlab, and exams. Students also have the opportunity to receive assistance in the Math tutoring center. The instructors of the courses, the assistant chair, and chair of the department stay in constant communication throughout the semester monitoring the progress and the attendance of the students. The department has conducted special review sessions during the semester as well to help students prepare for the tests and final exam. In the spring semester, the students enroll in a second math course, depending on their major. The second math course, of which there are several possibilities, also has a specific supplemental math course tied to it and every student is required to co-enroll in this course. The students are again closely monitored throughout the second semester.


In addition, UNO offers a 1-credit-hour course, University Success (UNIV 1001) that spans the first half of the fall semester. This course explores those topics that are relevant to academic and personal success at the university (e.g., study skills, campus resources). The faculty and staff members who teach UNIV 1001 are dedicated to supporting and encouraging students as they make the transition from high school to college.

Sample Class Schedule

Class Credits
MATH (based on major)3
Pathways Support (either Math or English)1-2
University Success 10011
Class in your major3
General Education course3
TOTAL14-15 credits