UNO 2020 Strategic Plan

UNO 2020 —
A Student-Centered Urban Research University

Dear Members of the University of New Orleans Community:

For more than half a century, the University of New Orleans has been one of the city's most important public assets by serving as a beacon for scholarship, research, discovery, creativity and service. The institution was founded on the twin pillars of academic excellence and accessibility, two core attributes that continue to be at the heart of the University today. And as much as the institution and our graduates have achieved, we remain committed to reaching our full potential.

We are grateful to the members of the Strategic Planning Committee who contributed their diligence, thoughtfulness and compassion to UNO 2020, our strategic plan for 2015-2020. We recognize that they have spent a significant amount of time developing and refining a vision, set of values and overarching goals. We are delighted to present this plan, which offers a blueprint for us to reach our aspiration—to be broadly recognized as one of the preeminent urban research institutions in the nation.

The information contained in UNO 2020 has been developed and articulated by individuals from units, departments, and colleges across the university, reflecting the shifts they see as necessary for our continued growth and advancement. The university community will be called upon to achieve these goals in an innovative, collaborative and flexible manner. Progress will require effective use of resources and an adaptive infrastructure to meet the demands.